Hey there! Welcome to myathenian – a blog of life, events,  photoshooting, travelling and more…

My athenian Olga Boronilo

I’m Olga Bo and this is my blog. Born thousands miles away from Athens (Greece) nothing seemed To be more exciting than the alluring lights of this magic city. So, here i am, becoming a true athenian.

I’m a lover of city events, city breaks, culture and style. I love the sounds of this city and i love my athenian way of living and thinking.

This is where I post about the upcoming events of Athens, about places i explore, as well as all the stuff I’m up to while living in Athens like photoshooting.

If you like my blog maybe you’d like me to write something for you, you just pop me an email!

So go ahead, discover myathenian, act as an athenian, become an athenian and start socialising!