Myathenian walking tour

If you want to experience Athens admiring the magical view from the most iconic hills of the city center you must try taking a walking tour.

Beginning from Evangelismos (metro station), leading to Lycabettus, the limestone hill that boasts view of the city right beneath your feet. Heading back to Kolonaki, the Presidential Palace, National gardens, Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus before approaching the Acropolis museum and the Areopagus, a court for the nobles of the city. After visiting the prison of Socrates, continue to Philopappou Hill, the Hill of Muses and the 19th century National Observatory. Moving to the Pnyx and the Hill of Nymphs dedicated to the nature God. End your tour at Thissio area.

Get my suggested walking tour map:


  • Light clothes

  • Hat & sunscreen

  • Morning hours


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