Sun kissed Messinia

Archaeological sites, golden beaches, lakes filled with crystal clear water, villages with character, natural beauty, history and civilization… Messinia‘s development, over recent years, as one of the most popular destinaton is not fortuitious.

The castle of Methoni (the fortified islet of Bourtzi) and Koroni, the picteresque harbour at Pylos, Ancient Messene (the Doric style portico at the agora – the stadium  –  the theatre of Ancient Messene), the Polylimnio waterfalls, the Costa Navarino golf courses offer great experience to visitors.

Overlooking the Messinian gulf and set against the backdrop of mountain Taygetus, there is a fancy seaside town with fascinating museums, culinary traditions angf great beaches the city of Kalamata definetely worths being visited! The Medieval castle, the several museums, the railway park, the churches, the municipal market, the beach, the mountain Taygetos etc, find out more in my previous post about this sun kissed town!

What to buy – eat?

  • pasteli

  • honey

  • herbs

  • cheese (graviera – talagani – sfela)

  • sygklino pork & sausages

  • fresh yoghurt

  • fresh fruit & vegetables

  • sandals

  • ceramics

  • traditional neckerchief (silk texile)

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