Vintage Athens vol.1


1. Plaka – The all time classic alley of joy 

Definetely the most alluring district of Athens! The famed steps of Mnisikleous street are bustling with life throughout the year, lined with small tavernas and lovely cafes that invite you to take a break under the shadow of the Sacred Rock.

2. Athens by night – The night colors of modern Athens center

A city stranded in the shining path of time. Contemporary, cosmopolitan, diachronic Athens. An area with a lively night and artistic life, the city center now has some of the most famous clubs, and dozens of small bars that play almost every music, from electronic to latin.

3. Syntagma – Rendez vouz at the very heart of the city

The steps and marble fountain dating from the 19th century that adorn the centre of the square have always been and still are a vital meeting point for athenian and visitors.

4. Historic center & Agora – Following the ancient athenians

The omphalos of ancient Athens was not only the mercantile and trade transactions but also a plethora of social, cultural, religious and political activities. The historic center follows the modern trend of returning to the center which resulted in the transformation of the city center into a metropolitan district.

5. Herodion – Greek festival

During Athens and Epidaurus festival Herodion is hosting the greatest names of the international opera, theater, ballet and classical music scene. It was established in the second century AD by the magnate Athenian Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife.

6. Sounio – Attica blue

Sounio - Lavrio Σούνιο Λαύριο
Sounio – Lavrio Σούνιο Λαύριο

One picture, a thousand words. The breathtaking aspectof the Temple of Poseidon viewed through the visitors’ eyes.


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