Multicultural food in Athens

In Athens 2017, you can eat souvlaki (greek street food) but  also you can find bagels, falafel, burritos, fish & chips, californian sandwiches, toritllas and noodles. The multinational “street food” emerges as the new athenian trend Athenian and does not cost more than 5 euros.

1. For the Indian lovers – Red elephant

If you like good quality Indian Food, then this is the place for you! Indian cuisine uses a lot of spices such as curry, cardamom, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, chilies, the great garam masala (hot mixture), clove, cinnamon, etc. Take your friends and visit the friendly environment and good prices at Red elephant! Tasty Papardams, crunchie Samosas and Naan pies, Tandouri oven goodies and many more flavours, spicy and less spicy, for all! Only 5 min walking distance from Panormou metro station.

Red elephant
Red elephant

2. For the Mexican lovers – Amigos

The vision of Amigos was to create a “home away from home” Mexican casa with dishes prepared by the finest ingredients and a fun caring service. In 2007 Amigos was born in Nea Smyrni. Ever since, they are committed to serve daily authentic Mexican recipes made with the finest ingredients and in generous portions. They are delighted to welcome you to the familia of Amigos and share with you the passion for the flavors from the birthplace of mariachi and tequila.


3. For the Japanese lovers – Nakama

While sushi bars are constantly spreading in this city, discovering one more is not a separate news. But when you find what makes you feel comfortable and offers value for money options, it’s worth sharing! Nakama was set up as a casual sushi bar, and confirmed its mood through its warm, wooden space, courteous and smiling staff and of course its menu. “Nakama” means a closed circle – a company, and this is also the philosophy of the shop.


4. For the Russian lovers – Valentina

Valentina is a really famous in Athens, a trully Russian tavern, with simple and light decoration and design but replenished with flavors. The “all-in” menu: Wonderful sashlik (marinated skewers, pork or lamb), spicy pilafis, , nice schnitzel rounded beef and traditional Russian pasta, stuffed with potatoes and served with red sauce. Try sashliks, pelmeni, vareniki or the famous russian soup called borsch.


5. For the lovers of the Arabic food – Falafellas

It is the little shop in the center that introduced the falafel close to the most “hot” square of the city, Agia Irini. Its  and you will distinguish it from the permanent customer queue created in the pedestrian street by Athenians and tourists who want to try the wrapped Dishes. Here you will order a pie with falafel, tahini, cucumber, eggplant and sauce in either a big portion (3.50 €) or a smaller portion (“pocket”), while you can choose the hottest version. You will also find drumsticks, hummus and meatballs. Note that Falafellas only serve until the afternoon (Monday and Wednesday 12.00-18.00, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


6. For the Balkan lovers – Sveik

A nice venue with a central European atmosphere, friendly and courteous service, delicious Czech-Slovak cuisine for those seeking something different from the usual. I am talking about a combination of Czech-Slovak and Hungarian cuisine, among which you can choose the ones that best fit your stomach, depending on how much you like the “heavy” dishes.


7. For the burger lovers – Colibri

As an American Style fast food it has one of the most authentic burgers in town, the crispy true Italian pizza, chops and salads – all in American size of course… Try burgers with blue cheese and fresh mushrooms, blue burger, cheese bacon, chicken bbq, roast burger, pizza with fresh pastry made at that time and fresh salads.




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