Athenian squares worth visiting

Squares are like written stories. On their benches love is written. A square is a place where you drink your coffee with your friends, where you meet with your neighbors, where you laugh, cry, imagine… This is where you spend most of your summer walks and not only… Today im going to present you some of the most popular athenian squares where you should definetely pay a visit once you visit Athens.


1. Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the central square of Athens. It is surrounded by important buildings of the capital, such as the building of the Greek Parliament, the historic hotel “Grande Bretagne” and the Finance and Foreign Ministries.  Just outside the Parliament you can stop and watch the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the changing of the Evzones. Also you can have a shopping experience in the most famous street called Ermou or you can enjoy the athenian nightlife.The metro station Syntagma is right there to take you around and so are the Tram, the trolleys and the various bus lines!Today it is the center of the town! It’s the meeting point of the Athenians, the spot where all the demonstrations take place, the square from which you can start all the visiting to the famous athenian  monuments and general it is the heart of Athens.

2. Agia Eirini

It has become the best place for the hipsters and not only. Its a gay friendly square, with no taboos, has nice shades for the days of great heat, great graffiti with meaning (discover it), posters of the city events glued everywhere, there you can find Kostas souvlaki (greek street food). It is the perfect place to take a break from shopping at Ermou street. This square is ususally so overcrowded with people of all ages that you have to be quick just for a chair! Coffee, drinks, cocktails, pizzas, meetballs, burger, lukumades, falafel anything you can imagine you can find it there! The new city is here.

3. Monastiraki

There is people everywhere, locals and tourists, comes in front of you. Ameeting place, a starting point for walking towards Plaka neighboor or to drink cold coffee at Dioskouros cafe. This is the Monastiraki square. There you can find the entrance to the Athens Flea Market to buy a souvenir, a pretty sandal and anything you can imagine. It has the regular station, that of the metro – train, but regardless of that. You can spend a lot of time here, wathcing the people or the ancient monuments, or because you will just look at the Acropolis.

 4. Mavili

Mavili lies behind Ambelokipi. A small, cute square, like a small garden! There you can find the best sandwiches of the town, eat at the most famous “canteen”,  meet up with your friends, enjoy a drink at one of the square’s famous bars (Mpriki, Lora etc.) some of which are the oldest in Athens. Near Mavili you will find the American Embassy, the Concert Hall, shops, businesses, doctors, laywers and polite people. Anyway, a square that has its own song (greek song callde “4 para”) can not but be a square worth mentioning about it.

4. Nea Smyrni

The refugee neighbor of Nea Smyrni begins to grow in 1922. From 1970 onwards the Athenians smell that is a suburb near the center which is environmentally cleaner. This resulted in the doubling of the population and the building of more open spaces. Despite the doubling of the municipality, Nea Smyrni is a region with great standards (layout, green, transport). Still, its trademark, the square remains a magnet and attracts a large proportion of young people of the southern suburbs and other central areas such as Kallithea, Koukaki and the Neos Kosmos. Baby carriages, puppies, couples, elder people, everyone is here. The main hot spot of Nea Smyrni is its Park where people of all ages do gymnastics all day long!  It is close to the stadium of Panionios and the swimming pool and has pedestrian streets around it, it also has small fountains and skaters making their acrobatics.

5. Karytsi

Farewell or welcome coffees, drinks with friends from work, colorful chairs. At first it was the joy of the hipster. Perhaps the point that indie brought to the Athenians. Now it’s more mainstream. With the Pairidaeza (Arabic Paradise), he gives a touch of twinkle and a jazz touch, with the Mousouris Theater. Costumes and students, everyone is here. This square will always have a nice artistic reputation. There you can take a break while shopping in the cheap shops of Aiolou or Kolokotroni streets. With the church next door, with the feeling of being hidden while being at one of the most central points of Athens.

6. Exarcheia

Authenitc! It is one of the most famous squares, it is a bourgeois island with the shops around it give an impression of a place taken out of an urban fairytale, a country that its inhabitants never sleep.  A substandard booth, a police patrol, a little bit of something burning or with the air smelling of tear gas, even then it is the most Hard romantic square of Athens. Cheap coffee, cheap drinks, cheap shops, cheap food… a square that values your money!

Other than the above squares, thete are many more worth mentioning but i am gonna just point them out for you. Its up to you and up tou how much time you are going to spend in Athens. Some of the famous worth visiting squares, most of them eassily accessed on foot are Omonoia, Koukaki,  Klauthmonos, Korai, Amerikis, Vathi, Victorias, Kolonakiou, Kaniggos, Koliatsou, Metaxourgeiou, Kyprou etc.





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