“The Athenian Triangle”: The new colored pedestrian streets in the heart of the center gave life to the city

Something beautiful, original and very colorful happened in Athens last month. In one of the most central parts in the heart of the city, two of the most historic streets, the streets of Vissis and Kairis are decorated and pedestrianized. “Find Athens in the triangle” is the “call” that the City of Athens makes to the pedestrians and tourists, who want to enjoy their walk without disturbing themselves without motorbikes and cars.

The aim is to turn the Athens Triangle into a “triangle – standard”, so from April 1st, the trade triangle at Athenas street is only reached by Mitropoleos, Karagiorgis and Sofokleous. The pedestrians who will have the chance to be there, can make a stop and rest at one of the many shops of the street or just take a free seat at the outside chairs. Every owner of one of the dozens of shops along Vyssi and Kairi streets has been charged with the green planting outside its shop. He has to water the plant and watch the tables, putting them in during the night, and taking them out again in the morning at the trade opening hours.

In fact, except for outdoor walkways, facelifts have been made by the shops as they have been passed through special anti-graffiti material (donated by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation) in order to protect them from any vandalism. At the same time along the two sidewalks, colored billboards warn about what is “allowed” and what is “forbidden” at every point, stressing with absolute clarity that cars and motorbikes must in no case go in there.

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