Myathenian Wine bars

Wine is an ideal drink all year round, and now with so many wine bars in town, it makes its presence “stronger”. Cozy parties, a warm atmosphere, rare or non-tagged labels and creative accompanying dishes make up an interesting proposition for your evenings and more. I chose some popular wine bars in the center of Athens, with every one of them giving its mark on the world of wine and wine lovers.

1. Fabrica de Vino

One of the most authentic wine bars of Athens (my favourite) with an alternative character, Fabrica de Vino is on Emmanuel Benaki street and definitely best suits perfect in the world of wine. In its industrial aesthetic space – the huge, 14-meter-long bar, dominates the bar – divided into two levels, you will have the opportunity to taste fine wine labels, exclusively from the Greek vineyard. The bottles decorate the towering shelves behind the bar, confirm the right choice. You can accompany your order with some of the kitchen’s suggestions.

2. Heteroclito

It remains one of my favorite wine bars, in the center of town very close to Ermou street. The sophisticated Heteroclito loves and honors Greek wine and has a variety of quality labels. In addition to the excellent dishes that are distinguished for their careful presentation.

3. Oinoscent

Oinoscent was founded in 2008 and for a brief period it worked as a wine cellar, but it was only a matter of time before it evolved into a great wine bar of Athens expand its innovative ideas and accommodate the already growing wine enthusiast crowd. In its cellar you will find more than 700 labels from all over the world. You can enjoy them accompanied by dishes wisely selected to pair wonderfully with the wines. Oinoscent regularly host wine tastings with local and foreign producers, in order to learn, taste, and (hopefully) find out their secrets in the art of wine making.

4. BoBo – Bohemian Bourgeois

Bohemian… arrival at Koukaki, the creation of four friends with a common element: their love for good wine. Housed in a 1960s building, it has retained many elements of space, such as the interior, classic staircase and some lamps. Tasting suggestions exclusively with Greek raw materials perfectly combine your choice. Among them you will have to choose from varieties of cheese and sausages, braskettes, salads and tarts. In addition, it features 8 wine-based cocktails, some beers and selected premium beverages.

5. Kiki de Grece

In the increasingly rising neighborhood of Ippitou street you can find one of the city’s nicest wine bars. Kiki De Grece serves  wine in a low tone, offering Greek labels, some of them well known and some rare. You can find little treasures such us the saucers that will accompany your order, while not forgetting to taste the proposals with the cheese.

6. Materia Prima

In a small but carefully crafted space, with handmade tables and wood dominating between gray tones, Materia Prima is planning a lot for its guests. In addition to daily wine tasting and blind tasting, regular meetings will be organized with wine producers as well as a variety of other events. From your list you can choose from about 30 labels, and if you want to leave with “homework” by choosing wine from its cellar for personal, homemade consumption or for a gift.


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