Athenian street food (greek version)

Lately street food has become particularly popular among all ages. How well do you know the authentic Greek street food? Surely it is the most value for money street food and I strongly suggest that you give it a try!

1. Souvlaki at Kostas (Mitropoleos str)

When you visit Athens tasting Greek souvlaki is a must. It is the most famous and value for money street food in Greece. One of my favourites is Kostas on Mitropoleos street. Kosta’s grandfather opened the shop in 1950 and it has been serving souvlaki ever since. The souvlaki  consists of small pieces of pork, tomato, yoghurt and onion into a pita bread. You can find more souvlaki places in Monastiraki square as well.

2. Souvlaki at Kostas (Agias Eirinis str)

What makes Kostas special is the handmade pork straw and his burgers, made by himself every six in the morning, continuing with the tradition of his father, Mr. Tassos, who since 1946 turned to Athens with a stroller selling skewers. But it does not just stand out for them. His red sauce and “medicine” as he calls the hot pepper is his trademark.

 3. Souvlaki at Elvis

Under the soundtrack of Brian Eno and Massive Attack – Elvis is entitled as one of the most cult kebab – the bar fits the night’s last conversation, with a delicious chicken or pork sauce, delicious kebap – and a mountain of crisp, hand-crafted potatoes.

4. Greek pies at Ariston

Would you ever think you would wait in the queue for a pie? And yet here, the Athenians and others, are queuing for a bite of the most famous cheese pie. This traditional bakery serving mostly Greek pies operates since 1906 at the same place near Syntagma Square. It sells a variety of Greek pies, 120 different ones, from regions around Greece. It is famous for the cheese pie called Kourou. Make sure to try one, they make a perfect snack.

5. Koulouri tou Psiri

From the 1960s, in an old small space in Psirri, a bakery was built, whose main production was not bread, but the best snack of Greek territory for centuries, the sesame bun, which came from the Byzantine era. You can find stands selling koulouri (rings of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds) all over Athens because there is something seriously sweet and fresh about these bread rings.

6. Greek gyros at Kandaulos Steakhouse

Gyros means ‘round and round,’ a reference to the rotisserie the meat is cooked on. Thin slices of meat (usually chicken or pork, but sometimes a mixture including lamb) are seasoned and stacked vertically on a spit, and when the outside layer is cooked through, the meat is shaved off into thin strips. The Kandalos Steakhouse is a modern bakery in Gazi, next to the Kerameikos Metro Station. It was created with great effort and personal work, having great quality food and one of the biggest gyros you can find.

7. Lukumades

Lukumades in the center of Athens, close to Monastiraki, makes these delicious sweet bites in a modern space, served steaming hot, with honey and cinnamon. Simple things are the best in life. Like the unforgettable tastes of childhood. That is what Lukumades is all about. In this attractive space on Eolou street in downtown Athens you can taste the delicious round, crisp lukumades with honey and cinnamon and also in other variations. The recipe is traditional and perfectly executed.

8. Mpougatsa at Estrella

From Thessaloniki it came to Athens and introduced us the bougatsan (a mix of bougatsa and croissants) and many other suggestions for breakfast and brunch. The mpougatsa is a pie made of leaf, usually filled with cream or cheese, although it is also found in other flavors, such as minced meat, spinach or cocoa crea. At estrella you should definetely try the sweet version of it.


Stay tuned for the next food post about multicultural street food in Athens! Hungry???

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