My “Theater” in Athens

My “Theater” in Athens

Theater in the form of tragedy, comedy and drama first created in Ancient Athens… Nowadays theater has evolved and constitutes a modern form of expression and creation while its one of the best entertainment options of public. Today there are about 220 theaters in Greece 90 of which are located in Athens.  Since i really adore theater, and have already visited the most of them, let me introduce you to some of my favorite Athenian theaters, particularly interesting, each one for a different reason and definitely worth visiting.

1. The ancient theater of Epidaurus

The ancient theater of Epidaurus is known worldwide for its rare beauty and cultural value. Considered the most beautiful and best preserved ancient theater and known for its excellent acoustics. Built in the 4th BC century, between the decade of 340-330 b.c., it is approximately 125 km away from Athens and it has a capacity of about 15,000 people.

The ancient theater of Epidaurus -
The ancient theater of Epidaurus –

2. The Odeon of Herodes Atticus – Herodium

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, or as it called, Herodium, is one of the architectural jewels of Athens. The odeon is today the main venue for the summer Athens Festival’s performances. It was established in the second century AD by the magnate Athenian Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife. It was then used as a concert hall, plays and other events.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus - Herodium
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus – Herodium

3. National Theater

The National Theater is one of the most important theaters in Greece. Its history is synonymous with the development of modern theater in the country, as was it established the reason for the rapid progress of dramaturgy and new theatrical forms and species. Every year performances took place in all the scenes of the National Theater, particularly of the classical repertoire, but also contemporary works always with the quality of the actors that make up the National Theater.

National Theater
National Theater

4. The Onassis Cultural Center 

The Onassis Cultural Center is a building of high architectural value, covering an entire city block on Syngrou Avenue and its mission is to strengthen the Greek artists, promotion of contemporary culture and lifelong learning. Interiors covering an area of 7 floors, including the Main Stage, which hosts some of the largest stage productions in Greece and abroad, the Upper Stage that, beyond performances, also hosts events, speeches, etc., the Hall, the exhibition Area, Restaurant-Cafe, and other free meeting rooms.

The Onassis Cultural Center -
The Onassis Cultural Center –

5. Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

In 2003, Michael Cacoyannis, a famous international filmmaker, stage and opera director recommended a Benefit Foundation with the aim to create a support organization for culture and arts . One of the primary goals of the Foundation was the creation of the Cultural Center, which was placed in a contemporary building on Pireos Street. The total area of the Center is close to 7000 square meters and has various rooms that can accommodate cultural activities of different shapes and sizes.

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

6. The Palace Theater

The Palace Theater is one of the most famous and oldest theaters in Athens. Located in Bucharest street, one of the most central and busiest streets of the capital, at the Army Pension Fund building, and is a top choice for those attending theatrical and musical high-level performances. So because of its ideal location, near Syntagma Square and near some of the most central hotels in Athens, its easy to access, something that made it one of the most popular theaters in town. In the same building, but with entrance from the porch Spyromiliou, lies the small Palace, a small and very friendly theater with 330 seats – couches that also hosts theatrical performances of high standards.

The Palace Theater
The Palace Theater

7. The Badminton Theater

The Badminton Theater is one of the most important theaters in Athens. It launched a few years ago, when the building in Goudi completed his purpose fot the Athens Olympic Games, having hosted the badminton competitions in 2004. The architecture of the theater is post-industrial, with bright modern elements, while very characteristic is its outdoor space, which during the summer hosts sculpture exhibitions. The Badminton Theater is the largest theater hall in Greece.

The Badminton Theater
The Badminton Theater

8. The Cultural Organization Bios

The Cultural Organization Bios established in 2001 with main activity initially the first audiovisual festivals focusing on electronic music. Two years later, it had its own building on Pireos 84, destined to establish itself as one of the most artistic hub multiplexes in Athens. Includes space for live concerts, bars, venues for theatrical performances and rehearsals, screening room and art room facilities and the famous terrace with views of the Acropolis, is one of the most perfect spots for those who love urban culture.

The Cultural Organization Bios -
The Cultural Organization Bios –

9. The train – Theater The Train at Rouf

The train – Theater The Train at Rouf, is a unique theatrical environment in the heart of Athens, a platform for theatrical performances, musical evenings, youth festivals and many other activities. The train – Theater at Rouf, houses numerous artistic productions and activities, while it is itself almost theatrical backdrop! Nine old wagons serve as a theater, foyer, dressing rooms, music scene, restaurant, bar and utility rooms. They are fully refurbished, but retain all their authenticity.

The train - Theater The Train at Rouf
The train – Theater The Train at Rouf

10. The Glass Musical Theater

The Glass Musical Theater in Nea Smyrni Avenue Syggrou 143 is a theater with very thoughtful technical specifications. It has won international reputation of a sound space for musical or theatrical performances. The acoustics and the sound and lighting equipment available to enjoy at this stage will help you enjoy great plays and your favorite artists to the full.

The Glass Musical Theater
The Glass Musical Theater

11. Cartel Texnoxoros

One new facility opened its doors in Votanikos, in an old workshop, aspiring to become a meeting place to host plays of new groups and give step to new artists. Among stockyards, recycling materials and warehouses, this Technohoros represent the idea that art can be born and in most anti-romantic, everyday landscape and how the common spirit and proportional look, even an unconventional space, can mutate in a place that will promote the spirit and culture.

Cartel Texnoxoros
Cartel Texnoxoros

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