9+1 Athenian bars

9+1 Athenian bars

Athenian bars now pass to another more alternative phase and gradually approach a conceptual character, which gives them identity and loyal fans. Excellent view, advanced stage designs, metropolitan vibes, meaningful events, cocktails from Greek spirits, exotic atmosphere, drinks that blend harmoniously with the food and a new all day perception. These are only some of the characteristics of modern  Athenian bars. Let’s find out what suits you best…

1.MoMix Cocktail Bar

A bar with items of molecular anameignyologia (Molecular Mixology). Spheres, foams, dry ice and all methods of molecular cuisine in your cocktail. Minimal  and industrial areas, relaxing music.


 2.The Clumsies 

A Concept of Perfect Imperfection. Multilevel and awarded as one of the best in the world cafe and cocktail bar. At Clumsies there is also a room, The Room, a room with fireplace, library, billiards and vinyls that can accommodate up to 10 people in private.


The Clumsies Myathenian

3.Tiki Athens

The first exotica bar in Athens one of the finest tiki bars in Europe. The decor travels you in Polynesia the ’50s and the music between exotica, rare groove, easy listening, rock’ n ‘roll and indie, with 50’s & 60’s references. Tiki bar provides you with an alternative way of entertainment.


Tiki Athens Myathenian
Tiki Athens Myathenian


4.To treno sto Rouf (Rouf train) – Wagon Bar

The Wagon Bar is an old wooden cargo, used to transport “eight horses and twenty men” during the Second World War.  Its an atmospheric and cosy wagon where guests can enjoy a drink with hip sounds, meet artists from the various performances that take place there or can even hold a party.


To treno sto Rouf (Rouf train) – Wagon Bar Myathenian

5.Drunk Sinatra

One of the most successful bars of the center. With vintage music, great cocktails, great people and cheery mood every day. At the bar entrance, Frank Sinatra greets the public while closing his eye and giving a first sense of retro element that characterizes the area.


Drunk Sinatra - www.elle.gr - myathenian
Drunk Sinatra – http://www.elle.gr – myathenian


Press the bell and enter the basement! A speakeasy, was an establishment that sells alcohol. Such establishments came into prominence in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920–1933). During that time, the sale of alcohol was illegal throughout the United States.Speakeasies largely disappeared after Prohibition was ended in 1933, and the term is now used to describe the retro style bars.  Look for it by asking around the Lekka street. Can you find it?

Speakeasy - www.thepaper.gr - myathenian
Speakeasy – http://www.thepaper.gr – myathenian

7.Klouvi Bar (the cage)

Lilliputian and friendly, with jazzy music. Maybe one of the best mojitos i’ve ever drunk. Everything you need to drink or cocktail after dinner at the Troon Street in Petralona district.


Klouvi Bar Myathenian
Klouvi Bar Myathenian

8.Brettos Plaka

Street Tourists and locals coexist beautifully in this classic bar with hundreds of colorful bottles and lights. Dont forget your cameras!


Brettos Plaka Myathenian

 9.CV Distiller

A stately classic bar with an impressive selection of spirits and specialized in malt oyiski. An atmospheric cellar ready to travel you in time.


CV Distiller Myathenian

10.The Seven Jokers (7 Jokers)

An atmosphere of spontaneity, flirting, plenty of drink and beautiful music. One of my favourite athenian bars right in the city center! Great people, famous bartenders, tasty cocktails… everything about 7 Jokers is unique and  unpretentious. Try the margarita cocktail!


The Seven Jokers (7 Jokers)
The Seven Jokers (7 Jokers) myathenian

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