“Koulouma” in the Park SNFCC

“Koulouma” in the Park SNFCC

As Carnival festivities end, the first day of Orthodox Lent begins on Clean Monday, also known as Ash Monday. Lets celebrate this day of “Koulouma” (greek traditional custom), which includes a traditional feast of Lenten delicacies, and enjoy the time-honored tradition of kite flying.

Even if you don’t have a kite there is no reason to worry: a workshop offering free lessons in kite making will also take place on the premises, so you can make your own and soar the skies with it! The workshop will run from 11.00-14.00 at the Southern Walks and will assemble 20 kites per 30 minutes.

“Koulouma” in the Park SNFCC
“Koulouma” in the Park SNFCC

The music ensemble of Manos Achaliniotopoulos will complement the colorful atmosphere, by presenting a festive repertoire, featuring traditional tunes from all over Greece. The group consists of four soloists (clarinet, violin, lute, percussions) and two singers: Giorgos Angelopoulos and Ria Ellinidou.

Clean Monday 27/2 | 11.00


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