Coffee Time in Athens – City Pin 10

Coffee Time in Athens – City Pin 10

Athens ,the city where the sun is shining bright all year round, is the perfect place for wandering lovers! But what is better than a cup of coffee at the end of a walk? Chic or casual, pricy or low-budget, modern or traditional, one is for sure, you can feed your caffeine addiction to a café that suits you the most!

Coffe Time in Athens - Best places to drink coffe - Best cafes
Coffe Time in Athens – Best places to drink coffe – Best cafes

I’ve rounded up my favorite café spots and all you have to do is just to check out these highly recommended coffee places and pick your personal favorite!

  • Little Kook (Monastiraki) the new entry of the town, is a two storey mansion, decorated in a dreamy way, that makes you feel like you live in a real fairytale that definitely stirs up your imagination. Besides your cup of coffe, you may also enjoy some fairy-tale sweets!

    Insider tip: for a unique taste experience, try the Bright Red Velvet Cake

Litlle Kook (
  • Noel (City center) an all day café-bar-restaurant, is a place to cherish if you value chosen flavors of coffee, Italian cuisine and special cocktails! The retro-classic decoration and its location, make it even more ideal to visit!

    Insider tip: if you are hungry don’t miss the Tartufo pizza!

    Noel (

    Noel (

  • Petite fleur (Kolonaki) A fairytale corner that travels you to Paris! The place resembles to a mini house and its colorful tables and French music fascinates you even more!

    Insider tip: you should definitely try hot chocolate!

    Petite Fleur (
    Petite Fleur (

  • Lotte café (Acropolis – Koukaki) a café bistrot with an enchanting decoration, is the perfect spot for a quite cup of coffee! A small cafe that promises to cheer you up!

    Insider tip: handmade cakes and tarts are waiting you!

    Lotte cafe (By OlgaBo)

  • Α for Athens (Monastiraki), a roof garden café-bar, is one of the most famous spots in Athens, with an astonishing view of Acropolis and Monastiraki square. It’s the ultimate tourist spot!

    Insider tip: don’t forget to bring your cameras!

    A for athens (
    A for athens (
    • Upupa epops (Petralona) located in a traditional neighborhood, it certainly stands out with its unique mix n max hipster style, that will definitely make you love it!

       Insider tip: Drink your coffee and don’t miss the special brunch menu!

      Upupa epops (

  • Yiasemi (Plaka), one of the most picturesque places of Athens, in the most beautiful spot, plaka! On sunny days or carefree evenings, yasemi is the ideal place for the perfect chill out! You can enjoy your coffee eating homemade cakes and pies!

     Insider tip: yep! It’s check in time!

    Yasemi (
    Yasemi (

  • Sto Vathos Kipos – Six d.o.g.s garden (city center), is the new green project of the Six d.o.g.s bar, a small green paradise, under the shade of trees, in the center of the city. Coffee, cocktails, drinks, desserts and various beverages are waiting to be tasted!

    Insider tip: For the busy ones, this is the perfect place to check their emails!

    Sto vapos - six dogs (

    Sto vapos – six dogs (

  • Couleur Locale Athens (Monastiraki) is a café bar with a unique friendly and cozy atmosphere, accompanied by a wide variety of coffee, snacks, salads, pizzas, burgers and cocktails! Its rooftop, provides you with the magnificent view of Acropolis!

    Insider tip: If you like it, try Mary Popins cocktail, accompanied by music played by sophisticated djs.

Couleur locale athens (
  • Tailor made (City center) “micro roaster and cocktail bar”. If you are a fan of the art of blending and you like experiencing new flavors, tailor made baristas full of passion about quality, will blow your mind!

    Insider tip: Leaving the shop, don’t forget to buy freshly brewed and roasted coffee!

Tailor made (
Tailor made ( 
  • Acropolis museum. One of the best museums around the world, could offer nothing less than an excellent coffee! A single visit will fascinate you, not only because of its beverages and Greek dishes based on traditional recipes, but also because of its incredible view!

    Insider tip: The Café is ideal for a quick meal for those visiting the Acropolis Museum!

Acropolis museum cafe (
Acropolis museum cafe (
  • Numismatic museum (City center). Located in the courtyard of the museum, just steps away from Syntagma square, is a true oasis especially on sunny days, where you can enjoy your coffee.

    Insider tip: Keep an eye to its events, while it organizes live jazz concerts!

Numismatic museum cafe (
  • Kimolia art café (City center), Looking for a cozy-friendly environment, atmospheric-relaxing music, a combination of enjoyment and economy? Kimolia art, an all day café-bar is the perfect solution!

    Insider tip: An excellent spot for vintage lovers!

    Kimolia Art Cafe (Κιμωλία Art Cafe fbk)
  • Chelsea hotel (Pagkrati) this iconic bar of Athens wont leave you unsatisfied with its good vibes, sweet faces, lovely music and cosy style. It’s no coincidence it’s everybody favorite hangout spot. In black and white frames, many of the hosts (Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Bukowski, Vincent Gallo and others.), make up the myth of the legendary New Yorker hotel from which this new cafe bar is named.

    Insider tip: for animal lovers, its dogfriendly!

    Hotel Chelsea (
    Hotel Chelsea (
  • Ble Papagalos, (blue parrot) decorated with beautiful antique furnitures, vintage details and retro mood, is a perfect getaway from routine. A place where quality speaks for itself!

    Insider tip: drink your coffee, but then don’t miss to try mango martini!

    Ble papagalos (

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    1. Glad i helped! There are so many more of them. Maybe in another post i can try discover more destinations less well known than these 7+1! Thank you anyway M. L. Kappa!


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